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Distant Worlds 2: WP2 "Colours of Clouds"

Colours of clouds – WP2 Trip Name: Colours of clouds – WP2 Objective: Visit a sample of Lagrange clouds with a variety of colours. Complete round trip (10 clouds) total distance: 1800 Ly Short version (only 1. to 4. steps, 6 clouds) total distance: 200 Ly
OMEGA SECTOR DM-M B7-16 (Rubicundum and Roseum clouds, 1790/1790 Ls)OMEGA SECTOR VJ-Q b5-6 (Caeruleum cloud, 700 Ls)2MASS J18182881-1649403 (Croceum cloud, 6410 Ls)OMEGA SECTOR AF-A d153 (Rubicundum and Luteolum clouds, 1240/1200 Ls)TRIFID SECTOR DL-Y D157 (Viridis, Roseum and Rubicundum clouds, 330/650/1200 Ls)TRIFID SECTOR HR-W D1-256 (Caeruleum cloud, 1120 Ls)

Distant Worlds 2: WP2 "Anemones Botany Tour"

My home for the last week and soon the expedition will receive the coordinates for the next waypoint and we shall leave this place and jump into the darkness. So before we receive our marching orders I head out for a little tour around the surrounding system.

I found 2 tours on FLEETCOM discord Trip Name: Anemones Botany & Colours of clouds
Anemones Botany Tours

This circuit has been established with discoveries of commanders CMDRs Mist0, Hanna Hunter, GenDeathrow, DocteurGui, Nozdus, Kazahnn Drahnn and Nathaniel Hawkwood, as well as with the help of Extools et EDSM databases.

Anemones Botany Tour Trip Name: Anemones Botany Tour – WP2
Objective: Visit all types of anemones known to date
Total distance for main itinerary (6 anemones types): 700 Ly
Optional part (with 2 remaining types): + 4000 Ly

Byua Euq EG-Y e41 Planet: B 3 A (0.09 G) Anemone: Croceus (56 000 Ls) Target: Biological POI #2Traikaae CR-N e6-1 Planet: 5 D (0.18 G) Anemone: Roseus Target: Ideally illuminated facePW201…

Distant Worlds 2: WP2 "Omega System"

Distant Worlds 2 Expedition arrived at the Omega system.

Here we are working on 2 Community Goals to get a starport built near Sag A. These 2 CG's are for the basic construction materials for the starport. By the time the expedition arrived in the Sag A sector of the Milk Way, the super structure of the starport will have been built. Then another CG will be undertaken to improve the stations services. We have also been promised there will be basic mining modules at the station so we don't need to bring our heavy mining equipment all the way.

CMDR Bumble B - Type 7 "Grease Monkey"

Distant Worlds 2: Day 06

Finally made it to the Waypoint #1 Omega Mining Operation Asteroid base in the Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 System (5,422LY from Pallaeni)

Afew snap shots of the trip out here.

Alien Pumpkins Hello Pumpkins, we come in peace.

Another rocky moon Pretty sunrise on a rocky moon.

Undiscovered water world

Cloudy Skies Cloudy skies

Was pretty surprised at the port had a shipyard and a couple of decent ships in the shipyard. As soon as I docked up I bought a AspX and outfitted for mining. Needed to swap my FSD from Grease Monkey so I didn't have to be jumping alot just to get to the mining rings I'd heard about.

Docked at Waypoint #2

Anyways didn't have alot cargo space so what I may end up doing is re fitting Grease Monkey for mining as I could get alot more cargo space than just 64T in the AspX where I had to keep dumping limpets as the asteroids where giving up alot of materials that are needed for the Distant Worlds 2 Mining CG.

Mining AspX

I sent for "AirWolf" my Chieft…

Distant Worlds 2 Expedition: Day 00

Launch Day:

It was a busy night I could hear on the long range comms system.

Hearing the CMDRs with excitement in their voices all wondering what they where going to find out in the deep dark black.

There was a few reports of crimmals in the system destroying CMDRs as they entered. Most of the ships where easy pray as they where mostly exploration builds and without weapons for the most part. There was a few CMDRs providing protection for the wide eyed explorers but some did fall before they could even leave.

Another reason why I didn’t launch with the rest for security as Grease Monkey is no combat ship in any form.

“Infinity, system jump!”

and so it begins......


CMDR Bumble B - Type 7 "Grease Monkey"