Distant Worlds 2: WP2 "Colours of Clouds"

Colours of clouds – WP2

Trip Name: Colours of clouds – WP2
Objective: Visit a sample of Lagrange clouds with a variety of colours.
Complete round trip (10 clouds) total distance: 1800 Ly
Short version (only 1. to 4. steps, 6 clouds) total distance: 200 Ly

  1. OMEGA SECTOR DM-M B7-16 (Rubicundum and Roseum clouds, 1790/1790 Ls)
  2. OMEGA SECTOR VJ-Q b5-6 (Caeruleum cloud, 700 Ls)
  3. 2MASS J18182881-1649403 (Croceum cloud, 6410 Ls)
  4. OMEGA SECTOR AF-A d153 (Rubicundum and Luteolum clouds, 1240/1200 Ls)
  5. TRIFID SECTOR DL-Y D157 (Viridis, Roseum and Rubicundum clouds, 330/650/1200 Ls)
  6. TRIFID SECTOR HR-W D1-256 (Caeruleum cloud, 1120 Ls)

CMDR Bumble B - Type 7 "Grease Monkey"